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2020 Spring Semesters
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Spring Semester: March 9th- April 27th 
Fall Semester- August 10th-October 5th


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Pentateuch - 101

This course is designed to help the student to have a better understanding of the first five books of the Bible. Thus, giving them a greater comprehension of the redemptive purpose of God.

Textbook: Survey of the Old Testament     $21.00     Instructor: Dr. B.W. McClendon Sr.



The  Study of the Poetic Books of the Bible-  Part I -  102

This course will help the student develop a depth understanding of the Poetic Books. The student will enhance their knowledge of the Poetic Books through listening to lecture, participating in class discussions and completing practical exercises.

Textbook- The Bible Exposition Commentary Old Testament Wisdom and Poetry     $13.00     Instructor: Sis. Tina Van Hook

7:15: 8:15

The  Study of the Poetic Books of the Bible Part II-   103

This course will help the student develop a more in depth understanding of the Poetic Books, individually.                                  

 Textbook- The Bible Exposition Commentary Old Testament Wisdom and Poetry     $13.00     Instructor: Sis. Tina Van Hook


New Testament – 104

This course is designed to help the student have a deeper understanding of the most significant era in human story-those years when God became man and brought salvation to a lost mankind. You will discover the New Testament in three helpful segments: the anticipation, institution, and fulfillment of the new covenant. This study will help the student understand the content, unity, and progression of the New Testament.

Textbook: Survey of the New Testament     $16.00     Instructor: TBA


Between the Testaments- 105

This course will cover how the Greeks, Romans, Pharisees, Sadducees, and other forces shaped the world preceding the birth of Jesus Christ. Both Persian and Hellenistic eras are covered and special attention is given to the status and problems of the Jews during these periods. 

This study of Between the Testaments will give an informative time-line of what happen between the Old and New Testaments also called the "four hundred silent years".  After this course, bible students will have gained a deepened understanding of the world to which Christ came "in the fullness of time"

Textbooks: Between the Testament - $15.00     Silent Years- $8.50     Instructor: Sis. Voleta  Denmon


Fall  2020

How the Bible Came to Be – 106/107

This course confirms that the Bible is the sacred, inspired Word of God. Exciting evidence uncovers the facts of some history's most fascinating discoveries, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. This study will assure that we stand on the authentic, inerrant "God-breathed" (biblia) Word of God. 

Textbook: How We Got the Bible     $16.00     Instructor: Sis. Cheryl Gipson


Christology 108

This course shows how Jesus taught and how He can influence the way we teach. You will benefit from this personal informative look at the pedagogy of Jesus.

Textbook: Jesus the Teacher     $12.99     Instructor: Sis. Arnetta White


Study of Systematic Theology -  109- Part 1

This course is designed to help the student to understand "Systematic Theology" that formulates an orderly, rational, and coherent account of the Christian faith and beliefs.

Textbook: Study of Systematic Theology     $11.00     Instructor: Rev. Franklin Fields Taylor


Study of Systematic Theology -  110- Part 2

This course is designed to help the student to understand advanced "Systematic Theology" that formulates an orderly, rational, and coherent account of the Christian faith and beliefs. 

Textbook: Study of Systematic Theology     $11.00     Instructor: Rev. Franklin Fields Taylor

Course Prerequisite: Study of Systematic Theology-  405 Part 1



Homiletics- 201- Part I

In this course, you will find a step-by-step guide to preparing and presenting a biblical message---from studying a passage with skill and integrity to delivering a sermon with persuasion, accuracy, passion, and relevance.

Textbook: Biblical Preaching     $26.00     Instructor: Dr. Nathan Robertson Jr.


Homiletics- 202- Part II

In this course, you will be guided through advanced preparation and presentation of a biblical message---from studying a definitive passage with skill and integrity to deliver a sermon with persuasion, accuracy, passion, and relevance.

Textbook: Biblical Preaching     $26.00     Instructor: Dr. Nathan Robertson  Jr.

Course Prerequisite: Homiletics -Part 1-201



Evangelism 301- Part I

This course of study is to help understand the need of Evangelism according to the Great Commission and to better equip Saints for the work in Ministry.

Textbook: I Can Evangelism     $15.00     Instructor: Rev. Adrian Sweeney


Evangelism 302-  Part II

This course of study expands your knowledge as Kingdom Disciple, striving to consistently fish for men.

Textbook: TBA     Instructor: Rev. Adrian Sweeney

Course Prerequisite: Evangelism -Part I-301

Polity & Practice


Effective Prayer 405

During this course, you will learn how to prepare yourself for effective participation in the highest calling Christ has given the church- to advance God's Kingdom through prayer. You will learn: Why Prayer is Important to God, How Prayer puts God to Work, The Necessity for Praying People and more.

Textbook: The Classic Collection on Prayer     $17.50     Instructors: Deacon Charles Adams  &  Deacon Craig Anderson


Deacons Training – 501

This course outlines the qualities sought, the qualifications and duties of, and the biblical basis for deacons in the church. Special emphasis will be placed on their roles in support of pastoral ministries.

Textbook: Deacons in Today's  Black Baptist Church     $16.00

Instructors: Deacon Samuel Matthews & Deacon Lee Dent



Deacon  Wives Instructional Training  -502

This course covers the origin of the deaconess, requisites and qualifications, organization, ordinances, worship, watchcare the unchurched, training, relationships, finances, and the role of the deaconess. 

Textbook:    Deacon Wives     $13.00     Instructor: Sis. Mary Ashford


The Legacy Journey - 503

The Legacy Journey, offered through Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions, is designed to instruct how to take the "next step" from debt freedom to Biblical wealth management and legacy building.  Debt freedom is not a prerequisite for this course; however the mindset to pursue debt freedom is a requirement.  Lessons each week are scripturally based and will be reinforced through review of a video that is required before the class session for the week.  Classes will consist of discussion of the weekly lesson along with assignments that must be completed outside of the class session.  In addition to Biblical wealth building principles students should expect to study elements of estate planning such as wills and tax management.  All elements in this course ultimately lead to the proposed point of wealth building and management which is the understanding that all wealth belongs to God and a proper view and application of wealth is an important part of Kingdom building.

Textbook: Legacy Journey Kit- $125.00     Instructors: Deacon Edwin and Sis. Kawaii  Cummings

Ethics & Church Etiquettes


Layperson Preparation - 603

This course builds on the mandate of the Great Commission, the author uses the "1-5-4 Principle" to facilitate learning of the kingdom process for church growth. He also introduces "M.A.P."—Model and Process—a visual model and diagnostic tool that can help your church more effectively reach people for Christ, mature them as disciples, and involve them in ministry and service. These ministries include: missionary work, hospitals and home visitations, one on one counseling, and grief support ministry.

Textbook: Kingdom Principles for Church Growth   $11.50   

 Instructor: Sis. Brenda Herndon

Christian Leadership


Church Leadership 701- Part I

This course will address and define what Christian leadership is, what church leadership is, and why leadership is important. This course will profile the biblical characteristics and priorities God wants for leadership, the impact and influence that Christian leadership has in society, personally, and in daily living. This course will profile how the Bible, the greatest collection of leadership cases, documents biblical successes, failures, and chronicles organizations built and destroyed due to man- oriented ideas as leaders.

Textbook: Leadership As An Identity     $16.50     Instructor: Sis. Juliet Nious


Church Leadership 702- Part II

This course will address the guidance to a set of moral standards and biblical references God wants man to know, while avoiding common pitfalls, as man seeks to encourage and establish a fruitful and strong ministry for kingdom building, and empowering leadership to develop healthy churches. From these references, you will learn that it is God's role to teach man how to live, how to be the Christian leaders He wants man to be, characteristics necessary to embrace , and the principles man needs to stand for in any given situation as a leader

Textbook: Leadership As An Identity     $16.50    Instructor: Sis. Juliet Nious

Course Prerequisite: Church Leadership -Part I-702

Christian Living


Marriage is Not for Children – 802

This course aims to save you time and headache by providing TRIED and Proven simple principles that WORK. Your relationships will never be the same.

Textbook: Married is Not for Children      $12.99       Instructor: Dr. B.W. McClendon Sr.


Learning How to Eat to Live Biblically -  803

This course creates opportunities for individuals to make healthy choices biblically. Students obtain classroom instruction with homework assignments. By researching various scriptures, students will identify, analyze and discuss the biblical context of foods to be consumed for healthy living thereby increasing their quality of life.

Textbook: Teacher Materials      $5.00     Instructor: Sis. Deborah Duncan-Hurdle


Parenting: From Conception to Adolescent Course - 804

This course provides an insightful, encouraging guide for parents who could use a little support while raising children in a culture that breaks down the family. Hope and advice abound for surviving the battle of wills, handling the perils of adolescence, discipline and power games, escaping burnout, releasing grown children and much more.

Textbook: Parenting Isn't For Cowards     $14.00     Instructor: Sis. Shirley Brown